From Scratch: A Reflective Review on Lessons in Life, Love & Loss

Hey everyone, it’s been a while… Life has been very chaotic for some time. However, there are countless lessons to take away from this series, so much so, that I felt impelled to come out of my prolonged period of procrastination and apprehension to post – just to share my reflections. So, what can be said about the new series that has brought so many of us across the globe to floods of tears? Firstly, I think it is poignant to acknowledge that the series is based on the true story and memoir written by author, producer and actress, Tembi Locke; making the series even more special.

From Scratch portrays a painful, yet relatable journey through love, loss, passion, creativity, contrasting cultures and persevering in the midst of adversity. It has to be the most heartbreaking, triggering, yet beautifully executed series I’ve ever watched. Zoe Saldaña embodied the role of Amahle impeccably. In fact, the entire cast were exceptional. Every key moment was truly moving. It all felt so raw and so real! Honestly, by the end of the series, my eyes were sore and swollen from crying. Whilst watching the story unfold, I couldn’t help but think that From Scratch felt like a cross between Eat, Pray, Love, The Notebook, Our Family Wedding, Jumping The Broom and Chef (all brilliant films in their own right). So, if you enjoyed those, you’ll definitely want to watch this one (with plenty of tissues and a cosy blanket, of course).

I hope that for those who have watched it already (and those who haven’t), this blog post will resonate with you in some way.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: My Experience

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, I figured it was the perfect time to share my experience with depression. I’ll also be sharing some helpful tips on how to cope, so be sure to read to the end!

There’s a difference between having a bad day or feeling sad and having depression. People often have it misconstrued. In fact, so many people are quick to say, “I’m so depressed”, without having any real understanding of what that actually means. The ignorance of using the words ‘depressed’ or ‘depression’ in vain is quite frustrating and inconsiderate! Depression is a tree with various branches and leaves. It also has many forms and can affect people in diverse, unimaginable ways. Going through depression is like a rollercoaster of emotions with no one there to turn it off when you yell “STOP!”

Depression affected my ability to sleep, work and socialise. It even affected my eating habits and ability to complete typical daily tasks, such as house chores. This may sound shocking to some, but that was truly my reality. People often neglect the fact that although depression is a mental illness, it also has an immense impact on one’s physical health and capabilities. It is battling with extreme low mood whilst sometimes feeling numb and disengaged.

So… Now that I’ve given you a brief visual of what I endured, I hope you’ll bear with me as I endeavour to take you on a journey through my tumultuous experience.

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Valentine’s Day: Solace in Solitude

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and while some are buzzing with happiness, others may be crippled with loneliness, so I decided to write about the seasonal pressures and the importance of self-love at this time.

The 14th of February has always been that one day people choose to go out of their way, making elaborate gestures to show their love. In fact, I can remember the hype of Valentine’s Day from as early as Primary School. Many of us received cards in our trays from ‘secret admirers’ in an attempt to make us feel special. Come to think of it, I’m surprised that it was such a big deal at such a young age. What did we really know about Valentine’s Day back then?

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26 Lessons That Have Carried Me into 2018

Hey everyone! 

Happy New Year (mine officially started in February)!

I thought the best way to kick-start my blog would be through sharing what I learned in 2017, and how these lessons have put me in better stead for this year. I hope that you can relate to some, or even better, gain more wisdom and understanding from some of these.

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